Totally. To paraphrase an old musical... she's much too much, and she's too very very, she ought to be in Webster's Dictionary. And so she should. She's gorgeous, generous, sharp, funny and very very talented. So very Terylicious -- got it?


Where have I seen her before?

If you're a genre fan, the question should be "Where haven't I seen her before?" Teryl has guest starred on numerous genre series like The X-Files, The Outer Limits, Jeremiah, The Dead Zone, Smallville, Dead Like Me, and most recently on ABC Family's Kyle XY.

And surely, you've seen her on Stargate SG-1, where for seven years she portrayed the no-nonsense Dr. Janet Fraiser.

Teryl has also co-starred in made-for-TV movies and films alongside Angie Harmon, Christine Lahti, Molly Shannon, Josh Holloway, Eric Stoltz, Hank Azaria, and Patrick Stewart.

You may have seen her at a convention near you, but then you would've been utterly taken by her charm and started building your own website, and wouldn't be here asking all these questions.

She has a sizeable international following, boasting fan websites in English, German, French, Spanish, Czech and Hungarian.


So what's up with this site?

If the contents look familiar, that is because terylicious.net is the new and improved version of The Abydos Gate's Teryl Rothery site.

Why move all that stuff to a new home? Because we wanted to show that Teryl is so much more than her alter ego most people know from Stargate, and because we wanted to expand the site and add more media, more art, more photos, more more more.

So quit being so nosy and start poking around. If you find any bugs, or if you wish to submit convention reports, photos, fan art or whatnot, please contact us.

Otherwise enjoy your stay!